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NA-KD Lookbook

Hey ladies!

In collaboration with na-kd.com, I want to show you my favorite clothes that I got from their website. Under every product I put a link, so it would be a bit easier for you ladies to find them. (I'm sorry if some of the clothes are out of stock/link not available.)
NA-KD  is a growing fashion marketplace founded in 2015. With a large selection of designers I am sure that everyone can find their own style there.

Let's begin with this dress:

                Looks perfect with this bag and heels, both from River Island. 

This stripe black dress (Get it from HERE and I have size XS) is perfect in any way for summerdays and nights. Loving to wear it with heels, boots or even Nikes.

I have a tattoo of angel wings.

The perfect bomber that I now wear almost every day. If you follow me on Instagram, I am sure that
you have seen it on many of my pictures, haha, it's because I just love this one. You can get it HERE and I have this sized S.

 This really nice color oversized sweater that I also have been wearing a lot lately. Just put it on with some gladiators or boots and you are ready to slay this on.Get it HERE and I have this in size XS.

Last but not least, my all time favourite set:


Photographer: Hans Markus Antson

I wear this one when its time to go for a night out. The material of the set is so soft and feels really good, not to mention the nude-beige color is so nice. I am wearing a size S and i ordered it HERE.

I also ordered black boots and a nice pair of gladiator heels, but I don't have a picture of them right now. But I will share the link with you guys for a chance for you to see them, too.
The black boots in this link, and unfortunately the other heels aren't on sale, anymore. 
That's all of my orders this time!

Ketter Michelle

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